2016 camaro

Last time we saw the 2016 Camaro, it was hiding under tarp-like camo. The tarp has come off, and what’s underneath is angrier (and leaner) than the current car—a necessary and happy consequence of its move to the Alpha platform. A sleeker roofline and apparently shorter wheelbase tidy up the lines out back, although the tacked-on decklid is less successful than the old Z/28’s ducktail.

Moving around to the front, there are faint echoes of the last Bumblebee Camaro, though this is a lot better. The headlamps are deeply recessed in a split upper grille (although the split itself may be creative misdirection on the part of GM’s camouflage artists). The shape of the headlights looks—dare I say it?—almost like the 2015 Mustang, its mortal enemy. The cheap-looking plastic mesh on the lower grille looks temporary, but the important part is the overall effect of the shape, which is unlikely to change much. It’s very, very aggressive. Attractive? Sadly, until the swirly camo comes off, it’ll be hard to say.

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